Biting, crying and thinking about painting !

screenshot_20180408-192324.pngHello there

So this is my very first blog in a while, I had a previous blog and then as always life happened.

I’m a stay at home mom well lets say for now atleast. I’ll be sharing some interesting and some not so geat experiences and all over feelings that you might relate to in your everyday life.

My daughter of 16months just got into the habit of opening cupboards and taking out stuff…..Mmmmm So much fun running after her wherever she goes. I presume she’s entering the terrible twos way too soon? With that the biting starts which I don’t get cause my son never did the biting thing when he was this age! Not leka at all….

Painting on my mind but first I have to find the the time…The other day I saw a nice idea on Pinterest in the DIY category. I have this dull green tin container in my garden right in the centre of some succulents ….sooooo I was thinking when I have the time I am going to paint it pretty! It’s such a sore eye at this stage walking pass it in the garden.

You know the drill I guess so many things to do ,I’ll literally have to set time out for just that.

Got the idea saved . ..on me phone so I will just get to it-sometime! ha ha

Will post my improved looking tin as soon as its done.

Ahhhhhhh ! as I sit here writing she quickly knibles and bites my toe ! Ouch Will need to figure out how to stop her need of biting pronto !


Please note photo borrowed…










Can’t Remember

Its been days maybe even months since I’ve used my new proff camera. It’s been a dream a goal a reach point for me for years and years and in last year my husband surprised me and got me the camera.

Since I’m a photograhy freek(or once were?)

Now with a person like me who waits and waits and sits and sits on a thing not reaching it yet……well that keeps me sane, that keeps me going for it !

So it’s actually disheartening that after having it for a while now I rarely make time to use it, and I try to remember those feelings I had when I wanted it so badly …. All I ever wanted, the only material thing I randomly brought up in conversation…Yes but oh

I don’t remember …

The forgetfulness that I mentioned in one of my previous posts…. is this actually happening in other parts of my life too?


Maybe it’s more of a change inside of me than the fact of not remembering, how could you go for and want something for so long and as soon as you have it it doesn’t satisfy that hunger ….. or is it the thrill of wanting the chase itself that satisfies you more than the fulfillment ???

It’s quite puzzling to me to say the most.

In actual fact it might just be true and I wonder if this is how I am and never realised it or only just got mature enough to come to this realisation!


Just trying it

So I just started trying out Instigram….mmmMmm still trying to see if I’ll like it or not.

Interestingly one of the celibrities who’s page I followed , welcomed me personally thanking me for being a fan.

I’m still like , is this legit? really ? you talking to me ?

Couldn’t be right …well hopefully it’s not some lame Donkey trying to fool people with a fake fan page. It seems real so well I don’t know what to think.

impressed, shocked, disbelieve,

You name it !!!!

still giving it a try though

You in my dreams…

You in my dreams…

I’ve seen you here
I’ve felt you near
You are in my dreams with a different face tonight
It’s you, I know it I feel it your warmth the heat
from your skin escapes and meets with mine.
I shiver…
How I sometimes wish I could escape my world
and just be here with you
Will you take me to a different place, if only you knew how deeply you affect my space?
I see you even if it’s not really you…
Even the way he smiles reasures me its you
You come disguised as someone else?
Why is it not just you?
Then we dance , we dance like thats all there is to do…
My heart, my body, my soul its all pulling me closer by the second my eyes glued to your every movement.
I remember this, I remember how it feels
Stealing those moments like they were absolutely real
The kiss it’s magical, the touch unforgettable
You look different, yet I know its you.
Its indescribable there’s something you do or something you don’t, you get to me
like thunder like rain like storm or sunshine its the strongest energy
I can’t avoid you, In here I don’t even try
You do all this you make me feel all this and I don’t even know why?
You undress me till I’m naked with all my clothes still on
You touch me with one look of your eyes
you wrip underneath my skin become part of my blood you warm me from inside
Its powerful the way you enter my dreams
I miss you, you whisper…
but this isn’t real
we are still dancing while you whisk me away to a feeling of make-believe…
Where are you, just be you,?
Feeling your presence as though were together

and i wake up…
and remember

Teething, begging and Dreaming

I like writing its always been some form of outlet for me, when I was younger I had a diary filled with typical teenage stuff. Dramatically enough I burnt it the one day because of something big that happened little did I know the big stuff back then is nothing compared to the big issues, situations and choices of adult life we face everyday…

Seems like the reason behind my girls biting is quite normal as I were up with her fussiness all night and discovered one of her upper front teeth coming through. I tried to comfort her and gave her panado syrup and yet it was one of those nights ….where you only sleep for two hours.

I decided to write a poem about my dream … will add it shortly.

We have rainy weather and its a cold chilly morning and no matter my effort I struggle with my son getting him to wear warmer clothes. Frustration is not the word as you other moms surely know the things we go through with kids. Sometimes I try to laugh it off and jokingly say that my boy is entering his pre-teen stage and I’m horrified at what to expect for the real teen years then…???? Then there are mornings like this morning where it just doesn’t make sense and no matter how much I try to explain and say and beg and teach its like it falls on deaf ears. He looks at me and replies with something not on subject ….Helooooooooo? Did I not just pour my heart out for you to just get it??? I wonder , does he get it? Will he get there? to be continued ….later today I guess ? lol Now I need a smoke !!!!!!!!!


Lists and Reminders

My mom keeps track of all she needs to do by using reminders of all sorts, me? well no it doesn’t work ! The reminder goes off and if I don’t do it there and then I forget about it instantly.

So I use lists the kind you write with no warning and yet I know and can’t forget about the list, maybe I forget whats on it but I am so intensely aware that I wrote a list to do stuff sonsomewh it’s impossible to forget.

Oh my gaush you see what I mean, I was trying to remember why I wanted to say something about lists and now I’ve completely forgotten what I need to put on my list.

This happens alot lately the forgetfulness???? The other day I couldn’t find the tv remote control for two days as I hid it from the kids.

Super frustrating when you realise you spited yourself cause you can’t find the thing!!!!! ha ha ha this is really only a laugh now because I eventually found it where I did search for it. Same goes for my baby girls dummy I wish sometimes that thing was glow in the dark or had a magnet or something to find it easier!!!!!

I need to make a list tomorrow hopefully I’ll remember for what!!!

So many interesting lives and stories and poets and such -I love reading blogs now !๐ŸŒผ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒผ

I love your Blogs bloggers ๐ŸŒป๐Ÿ“

Tin Tin Ten !

ha ha my DIY tin container.

blikskottel ! die paint sit nog ?!? na die reรซn.

I’m afrikaans speaking but I think I am going to continue writing me blog in english. Just because … no reason really !

It helps me practice my writing ? It betters my thinking in english…mmmm it lets me live in another world the entire time I’m ironically writing about my realistic world.

Such a dreamer yet maybe the most biggest realist out there, over anilsing everything thinking way tooooooo much yet such a dreamer ! How in contrast are those two characteristics

ha ha ha

Makes for an interessting yet confusing human being ๐Ÿ˜œ

Luckily I fell inlove very early and tied the knot almost just as early (no I’m joking ) but serious ? Apparently the 10 year Anniversary gift is also “tin” who would’ve guessed that๐Ÿ“ฎ


Moro Reflex link

I need to share this as I recently learned my son has this moro reflex present in a way it shouldn’t be by his age.

Luckily, if this is the case with some excersizes daily his body might just learn to integrate the reflex in the right way and this will communicate some things needed to mature in his brain. (how to better deal with emotions etc)

Please have a look at this vid link.

๐Ÿฅ€I still have a lot to learn on it though and my understanding of it might not be point on…sorry